Welcome to the Artists’ Wellbeing Experience!



We are a collection of artists, organisers, producers, and dreamers who gather to share resources, contacts, and skills to improve the scope and quality of artswork delivered to and co-created with schools, youth groups, community centres and initiatives with a focus on creating sustainable networks between artists to ensure wellbeing for both practitioners and participants in addition to increasing artistic quality through skillshares and discussion; to further increase community cohesion through individual wellbeing for all.


This is not to begin from a standpoint of teachers working in a traditional Ofsted/Department for Education environment as their sole or chief workplace – we as a network are in place to support and coordinate with freelance artists and arts organisations working within these environments as part of their practice or as their vocation which feeds their personal independent practice outcomes by holding a space for the free sharing of ideas and inclusive partnership in addition to procuring training experiences for continued professional development such as volunteer coordination, protocols for workshops with sensitive participants, and funding bid writing workshops.


We agree by association to support the wellbeing of both participant groups and artists through a co-created set of values and principles embedded in our language and approach in the freelance creative workplace following from the example set by the Arts Council of England through their Artsmark initiative.

Whilst we are following the quality principles of Artsmark, we are not restricted to delivering within a curriculum environment; though we commit to ensure the same standard of artistic quality and good working practice in other settings such as after school clubs, community groups, and even an initiative we are developing to support the wellbeing of postgraduate students to provide non-outcome based arts activities as respite to the isolation that comes with long term research projects.


This network of artists is currently limited to Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire during the consultation and formation process of our group and values, though the long term goal is to continue folding good example, best working practice, and models for education and development support for ourselves as artists and the participants we work with in to our collective modus operandi to share those best examples with a wider network of participants, artists, and educators around the country and abroad.


For example, one goal might be to share the principles of Artsmark with educators and artists in Finland and conversely share the recent model for educational reform being roadtested in Finland with our educators in the U.K.


This skillshare is at the heart of AWE as we all have so much to offer, so discussing best ways to share our skills and approach with others for a more holistic experience in artsworker, educator, and participant alike from the outset will lead to more unique experiences with wider reach so the wellbeing of our artist network can flourish and reflect the example of artswork as a vocation on all the participants, volunteers, and future generations of artists as part of the process of delivering outcomes for training content makers and deliverers to improve their own wellbeing in artwork settings in order to further increase participant wellbeing.